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amasing animation. i love the great use of animation loops

awsome. wow he didnt even wait a single hour for help. nope to lazy just end it lol

nice animation and tastful gore

couldnt look away great visuals the monsters looks helpless witch addedto he horror

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It sure is a good day to be illiterate !!!!
oh and can you say heatman lol
great game

i cant get passed the part where you make the character. before adding gravity. my error messege says

the defenition of base class FlxSprite was not foud

for a sexy look apply a spring just below the dummy and to the left so the feet hit the edge of the button without hitting the green indicator

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it was good

dont take away the bass but adding some treble would help so you can hear the main beat would be nice

Purianite responds:

I plan to revamp this eventually. Once I get the project file from a computer that refuses to turn on. D:

I may actually have to replace the motherboard.

really great

it's like metroid prime + castlevania, Ilove it!

Druids-Warcry responds:

ahhh the two game i cant stand the most... but the musics not bad

thanks for the review and support

It flowed

Awsome song

HexMonkey responds:

Thank you Ninjaslave! :)

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You should think about using "corel painter", its a lot better for making digital paintings.
You look like you know what you are doing. I definitely know that feeling I just finished drawing a character I came up with called Greg the axe!! (not to much to gawk at but i like em) and now im trying hard to draw something else but.... other things happen

Wow I can really appreciate line work especially right now, I 'm working on a patricia wagon piece.
pen tool is a lot of fun isn't it lol. any tips? just read chapter 52 not to much to get excited about

CrazyCreators responds:

When you start drawing it try mirroring the image that you make. It will help you see if you have any mistakes that way.
Also try a lot of different brushes. You never know which one will work for you best :)

haha i love it! great job on he shading it looks amasing, I love the trees

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